Companies that participate in this Initiative are assisting in recouping the nation’s investment on Public Service Department (JPA) scholarships awarded to top Malaysian talent. Companies that have employed JPA scholars are therefore requested to:

  1. inform TalentCorp if a scholar will be or is subjected to disciplinary action or investigation by the company; and
  2. notify TalentCorp in the event of the resignation or termination of a scholar and provide reasons for resignation or termination.

Such information would assist in ensuring that the scholar serves his/her scholarship bond in a Malaysia-owned company.

The scholar's bond remains with JPA and is not transferred over to the company. Therefore, the company need not buy over the bond in order to employ the scholar. The period of the scholar's employment with the company will count towards serving his/her bond with JPA.

Currently, companies are not required to make any payment to participate in the Initiative.

JPA scholars graduate in several cycles throughout the year from various universities around the globe and in-country. Participating companies will be able to check for new scholars at any point in time by clicking on 'Resume Request' on the STAR portal (

No, we do not impose any minimum number. We encourage companies to recruit as many scholars as they can.

No, the JPA scholarship bond is between the scholar and JPA. In the event the scholar leaves the company or does not comply with company regulations and is terminated, TalentCorp will not hold the company responsible. However, for monitoring purposes, the company is requested to inform TalentCorp regarding the termination or resignation of the scholar.

If the scholar has successfully completed the STAR procedures and has obtained JPA’s approval to work in a participating company, he/she will have the option of declining the call from Government and choosing instead to serve his/her bond in the private sector.

Termination of a scholar should be handled in the same way as termination of non-scholars in the company. However, for monitoring purposes, the company is requested to inform TalentCorp regarding the termination or resignation of a scholar.

The Initiative is only for JPA scholars who have been granted approval to participate.

The STAR Initiative is meant to be the platform for private sector companies to hire JPA scholars. If a company hires a JPA scholar outside of the STAR Initiative, kindly notify TalentCorp in order for steps to be taken in concert with JPA to “regularize” the scholar on to the Initiative. The scholar will then be able to serve his/her bond with the company in question.

Yes, you may. Please inform TalentCorp at your earliest convenience for the necessary steps to be taken to “regularize” the scholar on to the Initiative.

Currently, the Initiative is only for JPA scholars.

The Initiative is currently only for JPA scholars.

This Initiative allows companies, particularly those driving the ETP, to tap into a pool of talent that was previously inaccessible to them. This pool includes top talent from renowned universities around the world who will be able to greatly assist companies in achieving their goals and, as a result, help ensure the success of the ETP.

It is preferable for subsidiary companies to be grouped under the parent company. However, if the two companies operate independently with separate HR departments that are not interlinked, the subsidiary company should register for its own account. TalentCorp will create individual accounts for HR Officers handling such matters.

Date: 9 July 2014

Public Service Department (JPA) scholars who graduated in 2010 and thereafter are eligible to participate in the STAR Initiative.

You are allowed to participate if you have been contacted by TalentCorp and/or JPA. If you have not, but would like to participate, please get in touch with the STAR team at TalentCorp ( or Bahagian Modal Insan, JPA.

If you are a JPA scholar who has just graduated, please ensure that you have reported for duty to JPA and applied to the Public Service Commission (SPA) before contacting the STAR team at We will be able to assist you.

  1. You continue to be bound by the terms and conditions of your scholarship contract with JPA.
  2. You must report for duty to JPA upon graduation and apply to SPA as per existing procedures. Failure to do so will be a breach of your contract with JPA, and will negate your eligibility to participate in the STAR Initiative.
  3. Once registered on the STAR portal, you are advised to seek employment among the participating STAR companies through the usual company recruitment processes.
  4. You are advised to inform TalentCorp if and when you receive an offer from a participating company.
  5. In the event you find employment in a company that is not registered on the STAR portal, you are requested to provide TalentCorp with your company’s HR Officer’s contact details for follow-through purposes.
  6. Upon approval, you are expected to serve your bond term with the company. If you change your place of employment and/or employer, you are expected to inform TalentCorp and JPA.

Your scholarship bond remains with JPA and is not transferred to the company. However, your employment with the company will count towards serving your scholarship bond. Any matters or issues regarding your bond should rightly be referred to JPA, not the company.

Once you have secured and accepted a job offer with a participating company, you will be directed by JPA to serve your bond in the participating company. However, in the event you change employers, you are expected to inform TalentCorp and JPA regarding your new employer, and submit your new offer letter so that the process of “regularization” can begin. This will ensure that your employment with the new company is taken into account towards serving your bond obligations.

We are continuously looking to add more companies onto the Initiative. If the company you are interested to work for is not currently participating, please introduce them to the Initiative and lead them to the STAR portal at to sign up.

Requests to defer your bond service, for whatever reason, must be referred to JPA for approval.

Date: 9 July 2014